Pre-treatment Regulations

Pre-treatment regulations require that all waste be treated to reduce its quantity and/or its environmental impact before being disposed of in landfill.

"Treatment" is defined by the environment Agency using a "three-point test":

1. It must be a physical , thermal, chemical or biological process ( this "process" includes sorting)

2. It must change the characteristics of the waste

3. It must do so in order to

a) Reduce its quantity,

b) Reduce its hazardous nature,

c) Facilitate its handling or

d) Enhance its recovery

Magic Rubbish Clearance strictly adheres to all pre-treatment regulations and we can guarantee you that we will never send waste to landfill without first being treated.

Our staff are trained to the highest level and are skilled in the pre-treatment of waste.

We guarantee you a service that is professional, effective and responsible allowing you peace of mind as well as a quick and efficient service.

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