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6 Steps to Deter Fly Tipping From Your Land

by James Rubin 13. August 2012 16:54


It’s an issue that plights our country both within our rural and urban areas. Yet the perpetrators are often handled with kid gloves and no real punishment is ever made. 

Magic Rubbish Clearance Ltd have been serving the London and Essex area for many years and have seen a steady increase in the amount of fly tipping incidents they are called out to. At present when a fly tipping incident occurs, the legal responsibility lies with that of the landowner. Due to the current economic conditions a change in legislation is highly unlikely as the government would then have to place the burden onto the already financially stretched local authorities.

James Rubin, Director of Magic Rubbish Clearance states “we feel that the rise in fly tipping incidents is a direct result of increased fees at licensed sites. The majority of waste that is dumped is that of house hold waste, which shows the growing trend in opportunistic offenders who would dump their rubbish rather than face up to their financial and environmental responsibilities”. 

Magic Rubbish Clearance provide their services to a number of large retail management companies, car park management providers and national chain stores who all suffer similar problems within their London based sites. However there are 6 steps that Magic recommends in order to keep fly tippers off of your land:

6 Steps to deter fly tippers from your land

1. Make sure gates are closed when not in use - if fly tippers can’t get in then the cant dump rubbish on your land

2. Install or improve lighting – make sure fly tippers cannot be hidden from view

3. Install CCTV or dummy cameras – fly tippers will think twice if they think their activities are being filmed

4. Install signage stating fines for fly tippers – Signage showing heavy fines will deter offenders

5. Immediately remove fly tipped waste from your site – other offenders may think this is an easy place to dump their waste

6. Keep your land tidy – untidy areas attract fly tippers

If you should have any further questions relating to fly tipping on your land or require waste removal services as a direct result of fly tipping, then contact us today on 0208 539 2096

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James Rubin is a director at Magic Rubbish Clearance

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